Born in Jerez de la Frontera, Jorge made his first dancing steps at the age of four.

His education to become a flamenco dancer started with Ana Maria López, one of the most famous teachers in Jerez. His next step guided him to the Peña de la Bulería where after some years he would return as teacher.
At the age of seven he was joined the Compañia Semilla Flamenca under the leadership of Ana Maria López. Numerous galas, TV appearances and guest performances in theaters throughout Andalusia followed.

In 1987 this dedication led to a successful tour through Japan as well as to a tree month guest performance in Tokyo. In addition to his flamenco education he took courses in classical dance.
In 1995 he traveled to Germany for the first time where he was engaged for the theater production of “Goya” from “Magna Mata”. A tour through Germany, France and Switzerland followed.

In 1997 Jorge San Telmo moved to England for a half a year, to dance in the Tablao La Costa del Sól as first dancer. One year later followed an engagement in Mallorca, where he performed during four months in the Tablao al Andaluz as well as a tour through Germany with the Flamenco-Show “Encuentros”. With the latter he gave guest performances in Frankfurt, Mannheim and Saarbrücken.

After 13 years in Germany Jorge San Telmo lives and works since 2011 in Switzerland as teacher and dancer.
And In the various studios where he teaches in an atmosphere of “Jerezanian” Buleria-Fever. He gives the buzzword “AIRE” a new dimension, as his dance style unifies an unbelievable energy potential with the pureness of an authentical Jerezano. Montserrat Caballé was impressed by him as supporting act on her tour through Germany in 2003. Also on his tour through Poland and Hungary 2005, hundreds of enthusiastic audiences rewarded him with never ending standing ovations. He also enjoyed success in the vanguard production of FLAMENTAP 2010 in which mastered a unique combination between Flamenco and Step Dance. Famous artists like Juana Amaya and Joaquin Ruiz predicted early on a prosperous future for him!

Years of stage experience paired with endurance, passion and precision make Jorge San Telmo an exceptional talent as dancer, teacher and choreographer. His ability to bring movement and expression in perfect harmony with technique and rhythm makes him the perfect stage partner for dance, guitar, song and percussion. So it is not surprising that his career is full with cooperation with renowned artists from the entire flamenco scene.

Whether in the Traviata as Matador at the Werdenberger Schlossfestspiele, with Esma Redžepova on Gipsy Festivals or the Compañia of Mariano Martin, with Flamenco Rubio, La CALI, the Compañia Leonor Moro, Rafael Cortes, Compañia Tierra y Luz, Renate Wagner, Ana-Maria Amahi, Danza Fuego or his own Compañia Jorge San Telmo: where ever he is on stage, he knows how to raise a storm of enthusiasm and to capture his audience like no other!

Jorge San Telmo is also as the great teacher. Presently regarded as “insider tip” for lessons he teaches dance enthusiastic students throughout Germany, newly also in Switzerland, as also in other countries, in the art of flamenco, among others in the studio of Suzann Bustani (Heilbronn D), Flamenco Rubio (Giessen D), Flamenco-Studio OLE (Darmstadt D), Flamenco-Studio Guido el Tallo (Berlin D) in Los Cabales (Hamburg D), Escuela de baile Flamenco (Bern CH) and at Katarzyna Radulowicz in Poland he transferred his knowledge and spread Spanish dance passion in a form which is only found in Spain.